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Mediation & Facilitation Services

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As experienced mediators, facilitators, and negotiators, we help you transform conflict into positive change. We’ve witnessed first-hand how combative processes often leave behind missed opportunities, along with significant economic and emotional damage. 

We’ve found collaborative problem solving—work we’ve done for more than a decade—more consistently produces good outcomes:  improved relationships, better communication, broader understanding, and constructive settlements or plans. How do we achieve this? 

We facilitate productive brainstorming sessions that inspire individuals, families, and organizations to meet challenges head-on. We don’t hide from conflict. We dig below the surface to identify underlying interests, connections, and goals. We help you develop creative, workable solutions that meet your needs and move you forward.  


Our Services

We structure and guide difficult conversations so you and others involved can jointly develop plans and advance. We shift the dynamics, then support your efforts to convert challenges into opportunities.    

Mediation Services
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Our Clients

Families grappling with planning around aging, disability, adult children relationships, divorce, and separation.  

Individuals who want to resolve a conflict with neighbors, business associates, or service providers.

Organizations seeking assistance with operational structures or exploring new strategic directions.


Our Team

We’re experienced in and committed to approaching conflict in a way that allows those involved, not outsiders, to forge a solution.

Roberta Kania Schnoor
Patricia Kalla Zonnenberg


Don’t find fault. Find a remedy.
— Henry Ford


Forge a new way

Collaborative solutions can help redraw challenging patterns that prevent forward movement.